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Tendukheda is a town and nagar panchayat located in the Narsinghpur district of Madhya Pradesh. There are around 150 villages in Tendukheda constituency. There are many iron items making factories here with majority of them being trolis and farming tool manufacturing. With good education and healthcare facilities, the town is slowly moving towards urbanization. Some of the nearby cities include Sohagpur, Pipariya, Rehli and Chhindwara.
With an average elevation of 398 feet or 1307 feet, the town is located at 23°10'28.14'N and 78°52'30.39'E. It belongs to Jabalpur division and is around 47 KM from the district headquarters of Narsinghpur. Tendukheda is surrounded by Sainkheda Tehsil towards North, Bankhedi Tehsil towards west, Chawarpatha Tehsil towards North and Kareli Tehsil towards East. The town is well connected by rail and road. Although there is no railway station in less than 10 KM, the nearest major railway station is Itarsi Jn Rail Way Station which is around 122 KM from here.

History and Culture of Tendukheda

Tendukheda was given to British government in 1825. In 1857, under the leadership of Gond Chief Delan Shah of Madanpur, it was captured by revolutionaries. With this the struggle for independence was started here but got suppressed in 1858 with the British establishing their rule. Hindi is the local language spoken here and it being mainly agricultural land, large industries are very rare here.

Tourism in Tendukheda 

With Tendukheda being close to the district headquarters of Narsinghpur, one can experience some of the popular tourist destinations here. Few places of tourist interest include Narsimha Mandir, Brahman Ghat, Jhoteshwar, Darmu Ghati and Fort of Chauragarh. There are thousands of devotees who visit here every year to visit Narsimha Mandir and Jhoteshwar. The Narsimha Mandir was built by Jat Sardars and has statue of Lord Narsimha, Avatar of Lord Vishnu. On Basant Panchmi, there is a 7 days Mela organized at Jhoteshwar every year that is worth witnessing. There is also National Sports Mela organized at Manegaon every year from Republic day for one week. Barman Ghat is another popular destination that is worth visiting on anyone's visit here. It is situated on the bank of river Narmada. Few places of tourist interest here include Lord Brahma's Yagya shala, Rani Durgawati temple, Elephant gate and Varahas statue.

Hotels in Tendukheda 

Rest House Tendukheda
Barman-Tendukheda Road, Tendukheda
Rest House Dhobi
Barman-Tendukheda Road, Tendukheda

Hospitals Near Tendukheda

Govt. Hospital
Railway Station Road, Gadarwara, Madhya Pradesh, India
Charak Poly Clinic
Palotan Gunj, Station Road, Narsinghpur, Gadarwara, Madhya Pradesh 487557, India
Laxmi Bai Nursing Home
Palotan Gunge, Road, Gadarwara, Madhya Pradesh 487551, India

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